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Empress & Ogre is a small indie development company. So small that there only two employees — Trina and David Wilcox. Trina is the Empress in command of all things artistic and creative, while David is the Ogre ruling over all things technical. Trina enjoys a variety of creative arts. She has excelled since graduating with art honors and has had her photography and original art displayed in galleries. David is a life-long programmer geek with 12 years experience in coding everything from major financial applications to commercial games for the Nintendo GBA and Nintendo DS.

Now available - SwitchEm !

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We develop exciting games and useful utilties for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Microsoft Windows.

Not only that, we also believe in giving back to the world. At least 10% of our total revenue is donated to charities and other organizations that help their communities, large and small.

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We don't just write software - we write articles about writing software. Read more about the process of building great apps, the creativity behind our unique artwork, our mission to give back through charities and more.

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